Strategic Planning & Acquisition

 > Evaluate project concept and identify preferred markets

 > Identify acquisition and development opportunities

 > Negotiate purchase and sale contracts

 > Analyze product programming, positioning, compatibility, and feasibility

 > Initiate due diligence investigation

 > Prepare conceptual budgets, schedules, and financial pro forma modeling

Pre-Development Process and Approvals

 > Select and manage project team (architects, engineers, and other consultants)

 > Develop conceptual and master plans

 > Process zoning and other regulatory approvals

 > Prepare PowerPoint presentations (for public, jurisdictional and/or neighbor presentations)

 > Refine development budget and cash flow projections (Pro forma analysis)

 > Update project schedules (pre-development and construction phases)

Development Management

 > Coordinate design documentation activities

 > Direct value engineering initiatives

 > Solicit, collect and analyze construction estimates

 > Select general contractor and negotiate contract(s)

 > Prepare project control reports

 > Assist procurement of owner furnished items

 > Manage preparation of all project documentation

Construction Management

 > Oversee management of construction operations

 > Review and monitor project cost and quality control

> Examine and approve progress payments and change order requests

 > Coordinate owner-furnished installations

 > Manage punch list and approval process

 > Document project close-out and delivery items


> Analyze rent or sales pricing and market positioning

> Coordinate property management or sales and marketing operations